Weekend Highlights 1/8-1/10

I was at a kickback with a few friends sipping, smoking hookah, watching YouTube, you know, nothing too major. One of the guys and I were discussing McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and how the batter goes from pink to unpink (gross) when the conversation gets interrupted by another friend who chimes in and asks if we were talking about a white penis. And their question was 200% serious. I can’t.

elephante rosa

My family can be mad ignorant. Sometimes it’s annoying, sometimes it’s amusing, but mostly things go in one ear and out the other. For example, I graduated from two of the best universities in the world but folks are still complaining that I didn’t become a nurse and that I need to go back to school. Mostly everything in the medical field grosses me out, and never have I once shown any interest in pursuing anything healthcare related. But wait, they haven’t been to school tho, nor are they going to pay for my life as a student. Go on with that. Bye.

My mother, grandmother and I were going to the grocery store to pick up some food, and as we pull into the parking lot my grandmother starts yelling at the top of her lugs “Raphael!!! Raphael!!!” I’m looking around confused AF because as far as I know she doesn’t know anyone in the area (she’s visiting from Puerto Rico), but maybe she made a friend? I ask her what’s going on and she says, “Oh, whenever you’re looking for parking you need to yell Rafael. It’s Archangel Rafael’s job to grant parking spaces.” We found a spot tho…

#bootlegcatholicism #everydaymiracles


Dating philosophy from the hommie:

“I don’t want to date him I like him but I’m a shit show right now. I don’t need to date anyone for anything other than free food and he’s dope so I wouldn’t ever do that to him.”


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