Vacaciones Dia 4: R Kelly & Un Taxi Colectivo

My plan for the day was to walk the Malecon and take a taxi colectivo to Trinidad. Pretty low key.  Raysa stopped by at 10 to say good-bye, and we ended up talking for an hour about any and everything. I then walked over to her house and hung out with her staff and her two sons. The shit was a riot.

Her older son is a musician and is a total music head. His all time favorite American musicians include Michael Jackson (fair) and R Kelly (no words). He then hooked up his hard drive and started to play R Kelkys ‘Bump and Grind’. I cried. He was legit singing along but didn’t actually know the words. So many things were right with that situation.

He proceeded to show me his music collection. He had every American artist known to man. The Supremes, Frank Sinatra, New Edition, Ying Yang Twins, Backstreet Boys… The list goes on. I was in complete shock and awe. Kid was the truth.

I had to hurry back to Casa Densil because the taxi was en route to pick me up and take me to Trinidad. When I walked through the front door of the house I walked right into chocolate. All. The. Dark. Thick. Chocolate. I couldn’t. But I wanted to. His name was Luis he’s 33, a dance instructor and beautiful weren’t the words. He was saying everyone confuses him with Jamaican because of his locks but no way, he was way too hot to be a rasta.

Exio, Luis and I sat down in the parlor and were talking about love and relationships because Exio had just split up with his partner of 2 years and was super hurt. He then started taking about how he can’t be with randoms and would rather be alone than with anything other than true love. Luis turned to me and asked my thoughts and if I was the same way. I told him now as an adult I get it. I can’t waste my time with some superficial bullshit. He smiled and said there was something special about me. I rolled me eyes and he said “No, I’m not trying to marry you but it’s true there’s something about you.” I smiled and said thank you but obviously the three of us knew nah, hommie that’s just that good ol’ Cuban game. He said it was unfortunate I wasn’t staying longer because he would have taken me to see the Santeria spots and then taken me dancing. Had I stayed longer I would have taken him up on the offer. Although, I would have flat out asked if and what he wanted and if it was anything above and beyond to show me around because he had nothing else to do that day. It’s difficult because often times in those scenarios there is an unwritten expectation. A lot of foreigners fall for it because they don’t understand (or maybe they don’t care) that it’s a business exchange. If it’s just a drink and a meal for a day spent hanging out then so be it. Anything more than that meh, not my style unless it’s put out in the open. In any case it started and ended there. Exio was slick though because I could tell he was trying to be a discreet pusher. Again I’m wasn’t mad at the hustle because the eye candy was MUCH appreciated.


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