Vacaciones Dia 3 Part II: Andé por La Habana Real

As promised Reysa and I met up at 9:30 to head over to Hotel Florida. We took a Taxi Colectivo for $.25USD. She told me to get in and not talk because looking Cuban I’ll be charged one rate, sounding foreign I’ll be charged another.

We were let off in front of the Gran Teatro de Habana. That building is jaw dropping at night. It was recently re-dedicated to Alice Alonzo, the founder of the Cuban ballet. Apparently there was a re-dedication ceremony a few months back that was live.

We continued to walk through Havana Vieja. I was surprised by how many people were out walking the streets on a Monday night. There were quite a few bars and restaurants open so it made sense. We reached Hotel Florida and walked into the cafe/piano room.  Cuban Salsa was blasting and it was jumpin. Apparently every night they have salsa, reggaeton, bachata, and kizomba, however earlier in the week the crowd is hit or miss. Lucky it was a hit night. It’s was a mix of locals and internationals of all dancing skill levels.

The people watching along with the music was phenomenal. Some of the dancers were great while others got As for trying. It didn’t matter. I loved it. I turned to Reysa and told her ¡Ahora SI me siento q estoy en Cuba!

We were seated at a table with a couple from Mexico. Turned out those fools were swingers. The husband was looking to hire one prostitute but the wife wasn’t feeling her so she ran off with another one. All 4 of them were a disaster. But like I said great people watching.

The spot shut down a little after 1am. Reysa and I took our time waking back. I was looking for water but nothing was open. Which if you travel you Cuba you’ll soon realize getting everyday goods is a fucking STRUGGLE. Finally we found a place but they were trying to sell bootleg water. Such a fail but whatever. It’s how life is when you gotta make something out of nothing. I respect game but I wasn’t about to try and get got.

We parted ways and I knocked out until the morning.

It was definitely a great night!

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