Vacaciones Dia 2 Part I: En el Camino Hasta La Habana

When I stress I don’t sleep. I’m working on ways to discern exactly what are my concerns so I can work through them. Sometimes it’s pretty straightforward, but other times when my stressors are subconscious figuring out what bothers me then coaching myself through it is difficult.

The morning of Day 2 was no different. I woke up mad early and immediately I knew why. I was stressed about this trip. What is the country like, how are they people, blah blah blah. I don’t know. I somehow coached my way though the mini panic attack but in any case I couldn’t go back to sleep. So I laid in bed and made sure I was as prepared as possible. I saved all the directions of where I was staying, took screen shots of various Havana maps, and prayed for the best.

I showered, gathered my things, then went out to the patio to have breakfast. Super delicious spread of guava, banana, papaya, scrambled eggs with aguacate, platanos fritos, tortillas y salsa habañera.

To continue my ‘meditation’ I decided to go on a walk through the neighborhood. It was frikkin cuuuuttte. The houses looked like tropical compounds and I definitely felt like I was in Mexico. I snapped a few photos hopped in a taxi that I shared with a German exchange student who had been studying in San Diego and we headed to the airport.

The Cancun airport is no joke. It hadn’t occurred to me the amount of foreigners that stop in Cancun to shop their asses off then bring back any and everything to their home country. There was one group of people that had 4-5 flat screen Samsung TVs, vacuum cleaners, car tires, and God knows what else.  It’s not uncommon whatsoever. I mean it makes sense but it’s nonetheless unfortunate that what we consider necessities are completely unavailable in other places. Also, people travel with plastic bags then rap the fuck outta them instead of carrying luggage. It’s a thing…

Arriving to the gate was a turn-up. The duty free offers alcohol tasting, reggaeton was blasting throughout the terminal and if you know me at all you know I’m totally about that life. So by the time I arrived at the gate I was ready. Idk for what but either way I was prepared.

I turned back down and checked out my fellow passengers. The mix of people waiting to board included a few Cubans, and tourists from Mexico, Europe, Australia, and Americans. Just about all were traveling as couples, friends or families except for me and 2 other lone wolves. Past that it was the usual but I definitely suggest flying Interjet. Free tequila, vodka, or whisky. I mean I wasn’t drinking cause I wanted to stay sharp for Havana but gotta appreciate it when you can get it.

Until next time:

Me quede así … Con ojos abiertos.

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