Vacaciones Día 1: Cancún


I’m definitely one for signs/omens/synchronicity. If you’re in tune with what’s around you, you can pick up on signs that either reinforce you’re on the right path or that you’ve strayed off course. Therefore, I knew when I boarded the plane (and I was flying standby no less) and I was assigned a row to myself this trip was gonna be a good one.

I’ve never been to Cancun before but I die at the thought of resort row. Not ‘die’ like OMG it’s amazing so many all inclusive resorts to choose from, it’s the shoot me now I rather die than stay in such a place. Not to mention those places are hella expensive – shit, disrespectfully so. I’m totally not about that life. So instead of subjecting myself to such hell I booked an Airbnb close to Cancun Centro which made the most sense because my stopover in Mexico was less than 24 hours.

I decided to make it a full adventure and take a bus from the airport to Cancun Centro, and then a taxi to the house. It was surprisingly easy and clean and just $10USD instead of the $40+ for a taxi from the airport.

I arrived to the house around 7pm. The house was located in a residential neighborhood that looked like it had potential but since it was dark it was hard to tell. The host, Hulia welcomed me and let me tell you she was the cutest thing ever. Super welcoming, fantastic energy and her house was super cute. She offered me fresh guava juice, gave me a tour of her house and told me a bit about herself: from Southern California moved to Mexico after meeting a man, had a son, got divorced and stayed in Mexico because she was tired of the rat race and wanted to have the time to raise her child. I get it and I fucking respect the hell out of it.

We went our separate ways and I left the house to grab a bite to eat. I found some place around the corner that served tacos, it was alright but the guys that worked there were adorable.

I got back to the house, jumped online chatted a bit and knocked out.

Word to the wise: when I travel I stay with ear plugs because I never know how loud it’ll be and man I was happy to have them. Neighborhood dogs barking all night must die. For real.


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