New Year New Me



This pretty much sums up how I feel about New Year’s Resolutions; they last two days and then you’re back to your old self.   I will say because my birthday lands at the end of the year I take the entire month of December to reflect on where I was a year ago, lessons I’ve learned, things I’ve improved upon, fucked up on, and where I want to grow in the year ahead. This year is no exception. In the past I’ve set very concrete goals and for the most part I get what I want. I’ve learned two huge lessons from this:

  1. I make shit happen
  2. My wants don’t guarantee happiness, and at times they don’t align with what’s best for me.

Because of this for the past year I’ve set intentions not just for concrete goals, but also for how I want to feel and then engaged in activities, experiences, and relationships that foster feelings of inner calm, enjoyment, and whatever other positive feelings are out there.

With that said this is what I’m going for in 2016:

  • Work towards meeting my needs, and move away from focusing on my wants
  • Continue to learn my truth, follow my path, and listen to my intuition
  • Cultivate my gifts of bringing people together, listening, coaching/counseling others and explore how to develop that into something sustainable and permanent
  • Recognizing and acknowledging my emotions – what they are, how they affect me, and attempt to express or work through them in non self-destructive ways
  • Notice patterns in my behavior – which ones are beneficial/detrimental, and when/why do I repeat these patterns
  • Be more patient and forgiving especially with myself
  • Be humble – know enough to know enough about what I don’t know
  • Listen to others when they tell me about myself (positive and negative feedback)
  • Learn to manage stress and anxiety through self awareness and introspection
  • Become a master at my crafts
  • Create art
  • Enjoy my own company, find happiness in myself and not in others
  • Don’t be paralyzed by fear
  • Be in tune with my Body and the Earth, care and nurture both with love and respect
  • Keep faith alive
  • Do my best

Many of these items I started working on in 2015 and I can see the progress I’ve made thus far. I’m excited for this year and to continue on this crazy journey, and I’ll be sure to check-in with my progress.

I’m curious… do you have any intentions for 2016? If so what are they… and what will it take to get ‘em done?

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