Married Men

I’m contemplating making this a series, as I encounter many married men mostly through work but every now and again out, and more often than not the interactions are super entertaining. Don’t get the wrong idea… I don’t engage in anything ratchet, I just enjoy observing and commenting on the shit they do and say. Some of these men are absolutely fantastic, others are absolutely fantastic to laugh at. I’ll be sure to write about both.

There is the man I used to work very closely with. Him and I were definitely hommies as our jobs depended on it, but it began and ended there. Although I’m no longer with that employer we’ll contact each other every now and again to say what’s up how’s it going, blah blah blah. I get a text from him asking what’s up. We go back and forth (nothing out of the ordinary) when all of a sudden the conversation goes aaaaalllllllll the way sideways (his part not mine). Snapshot below:


I died. Resurrected. And died. Again.

In a nutshell he wants to get it in at the office and he wants some nude pics. He’s 36, married with multiple kids under 5. He needs to get his life cause this one right here isn’t it, although I appreciate the entertainment.

Aannnndddd scene.

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