F*** tha Police

Copied from my FB profile.

At 2:18 pm today, 12/30/2015 I left work, got into my car, and pulled out of the parking lot at 14th & Franklin in Downtown Oakland when 2 police officers pulled me over. I initially rolled down the drivers side window then rolled it up and rolled down the passenger side window because I figured the officer would approach on the passenger side. The officer walked up on the drivers side, opened my door, and asked why I raised my window. Oh, and his hand was on his belt like I was about to do something. I asked him why he pulled me over. He asked my name. I told him Isis. He asked for my id. I asked him why he pulled me over. He again asked if I had an id. I asked him what I did he wouldn’t answer. Obvi I had attitude because WTF. Literally WTF. He asked for my id I asked him what was going on. He wouldn’t answer so really I had no choice but to give it to him. He went back to his car. I text my coworker telling her what was going on just in case, because shit … you never know. The other cop comes up to the passenger side and I asked him what was going on. He said not to worry and stay calm. I told him how the fuck am I supposed to be calm when two cops come at me crazy when I’ve done NOTHING WRONG. I asked him what was going on and he said nothing and to wait a minute. And then I told him this is exactly why people who look like me end up dead, it’s because of stupid shit like this. Oh, and that his partner is a dick and needs to get his life. He kind of apologized and said his partner is doing a few things at once and that there’s a lot going on. What that has to do with me and his interpersonal skills I have no fucking clue. The first cop eventually comes back and said sorry an undercover cop said to follow me for an ongoing homicide investigation, but I’m not the person they’re looking for. NO… Fucking REALLY? Wow.

That could have gone down so many ways. He could have treated me like the human I am and just said what was up. I could have told him no, you have the wrong person. Easy, done.

Also, if you know me you know I don’t always have my id on me. If I didn’t would I have ended up in jail?

What if he caught me in a bad mood after work then I would have really told him what was up. Again would I have ended up in jail? Mind you, I was pulled over in the first place for doing nothing. Literally for just being me on this planet.

Mind you I’m a high functioning, intelligent, educated adult, driving a luxury car. Had I been anything else then what? I hate to think…

I mean, do they even have the right to open your car door, ask for your shit, and not tell you why?

What really kills me is that I have a for sale sign on my car with my email and phone number. Like for real, if I was someone involved in this so called investigation there’s no way I’d have my info out and show up at work business as usual. Idk what type of training these folks receive but they need to get it together.

So many things SOOOOOO MANY THINGS but in a nutshell fuck that cop and fuck the Oakland Police Department. They need to learn how to treat people. It’s really not that fucking difficult.

I’m done (but I’m really not though)

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